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Lika Ramati, multidisciplinary artist, visually informs the historical depiction of iconic beauty in contemporary  society. The concepts of womenly beauty and power of the female have been plaited as the themes of Ramati's vision; , Ramati digitally constructs highly stylized worlds rich with golden ambiance and steeped with broading sensuality.

Bizarre and full of obscure significance, flowers and jewellery, electric candles, sunglasses, and glitter, the portraits are akin to scenes from a film noir playground where cast divas have taken over and invited drag queens, vampish models, and geisha girls as Carmen Miranda to an exsclusive ceremonially hip party.

Piled into thematic stories,the artist utilizes heavily costumed self-portraiture and a process of layering and enveloping found imagery of experience from painting architecture,sculpture,and,photography to construct symmetrical fantasies of narrative alter ego.

In the late 1980's, Ramati studied fashion design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design before relocating to New York City's East Village where she quickly became a well-known personality within the scene. 

Ramati has exhibited in group shows and solo shows around the world . Art Monaco,  London , Miami , Paris, Milano and   Israel.


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