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Eurovision outdoor art Exhibition by Lika Ramati

I am Happy to write about this amaizing project i had an opportunity to do during the Eurovision song contest in the city of Tel Aviv .

the name of the exhibition is "Homage to Israel's Winners Eurovision Song Contest"

in Dizengof- Center

i am a Visual Artist ,and in this project my work of art is made with artistic digital editing from original photographs of photographers who captured the stars.

The exhibition honors and shows appreciation to the representatives of the Israeli music who won first place in the most prominent European contest ever -The Eurovision.!!!

The exhibition is displayed in the heart of Tel Aviv, where thousands of people are passing by during all hours of dauy and night.

The exhibit depicts five huge works of art by Lika Ramati (size 8 x 6.5 meters) one for each of the past four winners of the contest and one for this year's contestant.

In the exhibition,i worked with conventional beauty rules and esthetics to create iconic images of the singers each with the energy they spread around them ,while the primary elements of the artistic work break and reconnect to a new creation.

a little bit about me :

The artist Lika Ramati exhibits her works of art in exhibitions and galleries worldwide and in private collections. Her work is shown in international magazines as well as many art books. She appears in the golden list of Art Mark Magazine as one of the sixty most prominent artists worldwide in 2017 and 2018 and has recently won an artist award The International Prize "Artist of the Year 2019".

Ilana Carmeli lanner - curator

i would like to thank the following Singers and Photographers for their cooperation (alphabetically ordered)

Singers: Dana International, GaIi Atari, Izhar Cohen, Kobi Marimi and Netta Barzilai

Photographers: Eitan Tal, Ronen Akerman and Yaki Halperin .

outdoor exhibition of the  eorovision contest Israeli winners
Eorovision 2019 art by Lika Ramati

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