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Lika Ramati art review for Dream room exhibition in Mads Gallery Milano

Lika Ramati

art review for Dream room exhibition in Mads Gallery Milano

“ Love art. Of all lies, its the least untrue” (cit. Gustave Flaubert)

Lika Ramati is an Israeli artist, photographer and designer.She studied fashion design at Shenkar College of design in TLV..

She is an Artist who prefers the choice of female figures in her work.Victorian atmosphere and young girls dressed as porcelain dolls, peep out with bewitching looks, accompanying the viewer in a retro- futuristic space.

The Eastern World helps to give the artist countless sources of inspiration.

Her muses have graceful exotic traits and become the main characters of fascinating stories.

Faces embellished with brilliant jewels as in “Palazzo”,where elegance and splendor are the protagonist.

Her woman are proud, sensual, confident.The colors are bright and the eyes are intense.

Lika Ramati is an Artist who has made the female universe her trademark.

She is a dreamer just like her muses, who seem to live in an absolute ,fairy-tale, colourful world.

Baroque frames on one hand, bucolic atmospheres on the other, intent to represent the vastness of the Artist’s world.

An energetic, happy, joyful, dreamy world.

A feminist obsession that we also find in Artists like Gustav Klimt, who shaped an era ,showing splendours of theAustrian empire in dissolution . A world that dies, that is shaken and fascinated by the shadows revealed by Freud and crossed by new cultural adventures.

An artist who conducted a long investigation into the female universe, sometimes angelic ,at times tempting, tender or perverse , but almost always sensual just like the woman of Lika Ramati.

Author of an intense, strong and expressionist painting .

“Art is either Plagiarism or Revolution” (cit. Paul Gauguin)

Art Curator Federica D’Avanzo

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